Rag n 03

7 kg ~ 16 monts

Mason is a seal bicolor (high mitted) and my new upcoming stud who I own together with my good friend Anita (Lilltassen's). Oh - What A Cat!

He is enormously longed-for, in fact we have waited for more than one year to have an offspring from his absolutely fantastic parents; Darlinlildolls Sweetest Little Pea & Ragangels Buddy of Darlinlildolls.
His pedigree contains cats both from Dollhouse and Chatandolls. Gail was supposed to keep him for
herself but I managed to pinch him after some persuasions ;)

Mason has a tremendous eye-color and a broad head with a superb type. He has a ok profile, nice forehead, good ear-setting and a great chin and cheeks. His coat is silky and fluffy and he has great boning.

In addition to this Mason has a temperament who overcomes it all! What a darling! He purrs and
rumbles all day long and can't get close enough.

We have big hopes for him and are indeed very greatful to Gail for letting us have this phenomenal boy!


DNA-test HCM - Negativ/Negativ