My name is Emma Sandström Jensen and I'm the woman behind the ragdollbreed Amazing Dollz since 11 years back.

I live in the city Höör, close to Ringsjön, along with my two wonderful children Noah 8 ½ years old and Thea 6 years old.

I work as a train manager on the Oresundstrains in Sweden and Denmark. On the sideline I work some as a model which I find quite amusing.
Singing and dancing too close to my heart, something I have been doing for many years.

Animals are my biggest interest and would never be able to think
me to live without these wonderful creatures.
I've had cats since childhood and back then it was Sacred Birmans we had in the family. Besides that I had a half-bred Swedish horse and a Rottweiler bitch.

Destiny - my first import!

When I left home I bought my first real own cat, a black silver lynx Persian female Bianca.
After a while I wanted to adopt another family-member. After
having read all I came across on ragdolls it was not long before
I realized that this was the right breed for me!

I was quite found of blue so I wanted a blue colorpoint female, and I found her, Ofelia.
And after that, one thing led to another. After my first show I
was completely sold! Just to meet with other people sharing
the same passion! Then the feeling when things are going really well is indescribable!

Barely a year after I got Ofelia I came in contact with
Christine Landin at Krickelin's. Lucky for me she had a blue bicolor boy that was suppose to go to England but had been countermanded at the last moment and as soon as I saw pictures of him, I melted away.

With him and Ofelia my dream of breeding this wonderful cats was up and going - Amazing Dollz was a fact!
A big dream had come true!

I sometimes have kittens, only to be adopted for lifelong and loving homes.
Our kittens is raised under foot in a home environment and is allowed to run freely everywhere in our house.
Our kittens are handled with loving care from their birth up until the day they leave for their new homes.
Giving them tons of TLC 24-7 is our main priority when we have kittens.

I am a small cattery with only a fe
w litters each year.
I do not cag
e my cats.
Our cats are beloved familymembers
and live indoors in our home with us.
A kitten from Amazing Dollz is strictly a indoor cat.
I only sell breeding cats to registred breeders/catteries.
I never sell kittens just by contact through e-mail, that is
just a good first-contact. Personal contact with my kitten-
buyers is indeed important to me.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions
about the breed or if you are interested in a kitten from me.